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Park Ranger Job Description

Federal and state government needs people to maintain, guard and protect the natural balance of our parks to ensure future generations will benefit the resources. We call them the Park Rangers.

What is a Park Ranger?

Park rangers are skilled and trained campers tasked to enforce park and forest laws to prevent possible forest fires, keep the safety of enjoying campers on site while ensuring to keep ecological balance of the environment and regulate camp sites to refrain ecological abuse. They are knowledgeable in Wildlife and Botany, administering first aide in case of emergency rescue, and even history to conduct lectures and exhibits for campers and visitors.

Duties of a Park Ranger

Being forest and park guardians, our park rangers enforce park and forest laws and regulations so there are rangers need who to carry guns. They educate people for responsible camping and protect them same time by teaching each the proper use of camping paraphernalia. They also train aspiring rangers.

Another important role they play is make certain trails for hikers are safe so they need to spend time in secluded and virgin forests to repair trail damages .They do daily patrolling by foot, by canoe or boats, and skis depending on which location of the park they are roving. Should there be illegal activities within their jurisdiction, they have to take charge of the investigation.

Work Condition of a Park Ranger

This is an outdoor profession and dangerous itself. Weather issues are not an excuse. Extreme weather conditions are those times when they are on full alert to exercise one noble job; saving lives. They need be physically ready at all times. They can work as a team but most of the time, a park ranger works alone as the sole ranger of a certain park to carry out multiple tasks. They can also be transferred from one state to another. Risk involve is who is going to help in the wilderness should inevitable circumstance that would put them in danger comes? With this line of work, survival skills are park ranger’s useful defense. Need not to worry, if this happens, they are insured.

Educational Requirements of a Park Ranger

To become a park ranger, one must have a bachelor’s degree and well verse in Botany, ecology, geology, and zoology. They are also required to take subjects in social sciences, forestry and park management and must pass the civil service examination. A master’s degree in the mentioned academic sciences will have an advantage over other job seekers. Experience pays off as well so there are volunteers who work as park aides.

Occupation and Progress of a Park Ranger

We cannot set aside the importance of a park ranger. In fact they are paid well by the state. In 2007, their salaries range from $30,000 – $50,000 for a full time job depending on education and experience level and ranks. National park rangers earn better but not too far from those who work for state parks and they are provided with housing. They can be promoted as park superintendents and some become specialists as park planner, resource manager and interpretation. There is a growing call for volunteers in this field so it is expected that there will be large decrease of well-paid park rangers through 2014, as posted by article in Washington Post on April 17, 2006.

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