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Production Coordinator Job Description

The Production Coordinator provides the production control of all the components in multi-media projects.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • The Production Coordinator must work with project managers, in the preparation and maintenance of specific control documentation such as assets lists, maintaining quality of all assets produced and reporting on production progress as required.
  • The Production Coordinator must assist the project manager with the planning and preparation of projects.
  • The Production Coordinator prepares and maintains the asset lists for projects.
  • The Production Coordinator works as liaise with subcontractors.
  • The Production Coordinator must have training in production and media from an accredited college.

The Production Coordinator must prepare and maintain assets lists for projects getting the exact necessary information from scripts. Then compile in agreed layout and include file naming conventions. The Production Coordinator must obtain and record specifications for all assets including the sizes and format of graphics, sound files, videos, and illustrations. The Production Coordinator must obtain quotes and timescales, book studios and prepared any needed documentation. The Production Coordinator is expected to work as liaise between departments answering queries providing needed information.

The Production Coordinator is the one who arranges in-house work, preparing documentation and brief graphic designers, software and HTML programmers are all under his/her care. The Production Coordinator must check quality of all assets received from both internal and external sources. The Production Manager must make sure that such things as graphics, audio, photos, illustrations and video are what are needed for the project. If one of the things happens to be amiss then the Production Coordinator must arrange any necessary corrections or reproductions as needed. Writers, project managers and clients depend on the Production Coordinator to be their liaise putting together the project.

The Production Coordinator must also prepare materials received for instance sizing photos and combining into graphics. They must also edit and name audio files. The Production Coordinator must create graphics as required, take account of context and tools using the appropriate software. The Production Coordinator builds objects such as question player sets, story boarders, slide shows and other appropriate equipment to use in the production set. The Production Coordinator must be able to use software programs to perform much of their work. Also they should be able to check completed work that was assigned to others by using the software program geared for this type of work. When the work is correct then the Production Coordinator must obtain sign-off from the project manager. The files must be correctly named and properly stored so that the Production Coordinator and others can find the appropriate files as they are needed.

The Production Coordinator is also responsible in the directing of audio recordings, video and photo shoots as necessary. The Production Coordinator assists with the directing of the audio recording attending the sessions to make sure that they are all properly done. After each session the audio recordings must be properly filed. Then the Production Coordinator must assist with the scripts that are provided for those who are doing the audio version. The Production Coordinator advises the recording artists on style and quality. The whole operation takes place amongst the audio and visual taping of a production. The Production Coordinator has many responsible duties that keep the production running in great order. Everything that has been created for this particular production must be properly named and filed so that if needed in the future it can be retrieved. It is much cheaper to retrieve material than to recreate it every time a production is made. In a series that appears every week for instances the initial start of the program is usually the same. The Production Coordinator helped with the creation of the start of the series putting in place the sound, video, and any special effects once it has been approved by the manager then the Production Coordinator can keep the scene on file for each series created.

Studios that hire Production Coordinators normally provide them with an excellent benefit package and pride themselves in their high standard of equal opportunity for everyone that works for them. The benefit package in most cases is usually a permanent one but the Production Coordinator must prove themselves a person of great integrity, honest and capable of performing quality production work. There is normally a probationary period of six months to one year before the Production Coordinators can be accepted as a permanent employee. Once this has been achieved the job position is usually lifetime giving the Production Coordinator free reign to be creative and selective on the types of materials that they work with to achieve a great piece of production.

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  1. being a coordinate has its shares it frastruates you, it makes you smile and bring the best out of you. as a young and first timer i have learnt so much i have learnt to be very organised and very punctual and patients. will updated more wen the production is finished but i have so much i learnt in the early days of the project.

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