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Lawyer Resume

Larry Henderson Attorney-At-Law
123 Any Town · USA 98109
[email protected] · (425) 555.0139

Summary of Qualifications

My objective as an attorney is to serve as both an advocate and an advisor to people.

  • As the Attorney I have worked on a volunteer basis to help those wrongly accused of a crime without the money to pay for a lawyer.
  • As the Lawyer I worked in the Prosecutors Office trying to defend the innocent and prosecute the guilty.
  • Please check my portfolio for cases and venue that I have participated in.
  • I have a Bachelor’s Degree and attended three years of Law School.

Professional Experience

Shave and Becker Law Firm – Any Town, USA 2000 to Present

Attorney-at-Law /Lawyer

I worked in the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office prosecuting the accused of crimes.

  • I defended the innocent and saw to it that the guilty were put behind bars.
  • I researched each case and made sure that I had all facts before going to court.
  • Please check the court docket to find the cases that I successfully prosecuted.

Jenkins Lawyers – Any Town, USA 1997 to 2000


I did my internship with this firm and passed the bar examine while still in their employ.

  • I handled a lot of small lawsuits and auto accident cases.
  • I handled divorce cases and child custody cases.
  • I did most of the research work for the other attorneys in the office.

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