Legal Assistant Resume

by admin on September 27, 2009

James Bond

123 Main Streets · USA 98109

[email protected] · (425) 555.0139

Summary of Qualifications

I worked assisting lawyers by doing their research work.

v  Research work to verify facts for attorneys.

v  Prepared briefs for the attorney

v  Handled appeals, wills, contracts etc…

v  Worked exclusive with clients doing Real Estate Closings.

v  Planned, prepared and devised work schedules according to budget

v  Legal Assistant Degree

Professional Experience

Handy world – Any Town, USA                                                                               2000 to Present

Legal Assistant

In charge of doing research work to verify facts for the attorney, preparing documents, and presenting them to the clerk of courts.

Maintained a well run department that handled research, preparation, and verifying facts.

  • Reduced the Attorneys time doing any research and documentation preparation.
  • Handled all the Real Estate Closings.

Best at law – Any Town, USA                                                                                     1997 to 2000

Legal Assistant

Served as legal assistant in a law firm accommodating three attorney’s.

I worked in a law firm that had three attorneys and I did the research, documentation and fact verification for all three lawyers.

  • I did the research gathering data, legal articles and other documentations to help attorney to prepare cases for the clients.
  • I stood in as an arbitrator in Real Estate Closing, help prepare final documentations.
  • I directed coordinated law office activities which includes delivery of subpoenas.
  • I attended court hearings doing stenography and transcription for the attorneys.
  • I help the attorneys prepare briefs on the client’s case.

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