Kitchen Staff Job Description

by Publishing Team on April 14, 2011

A lot of restaurants nowadays are hiring various kitchen staff to maintain a clean and organized cooking arena. Below are the lists of specific duties in working as a kitchen staff.

What is a kitchen staff?

A kitchen staff is an employee of a certain establishment whether it’s a restaurant or a five star hotel. These individuals are assigned in the kitchen area. In general, the term connotes to kitchen helpers, assistants or apprentices. These employees provide various food services to their clientele. The common tasks of kitchen assistants’ involve actual cooking and food preparation.

Duties of a kitchen staff

  • Kitchen Staff performs lots of different functions in the kitchen area. They ensure that dishes are clean by cleaning cookware and other utensils used by their consumers and make sure that the supply of cookware for food preparation is adequate and functional.
  • Some of the kitchen staff are also responsible in the preparation of certain foods or dish. These individuals are also known as line cooks who are mostly stationed in preparing meat, other side dishes and desserts. They also prepare the area before the dinner service by means of cooking important items like vegetable broth, cutting vegetable and boiling water. The line cook usually takes direct orders from their sous chef or head chef and prepares good food in a timely manner.
  • A kitchen staff is also in charge in cleaning the kitchen floor. They make sure that the trash is empty, maintain a clean kitchen counters, clean the restrooms, wash cooking pots and pans, cleaning stoves, griddles and ovens. They also wash windows located behind the sink and monitor temperature on kitchen refrigerators and freezers.
  • Kitchen staff monitors and makes inventory and report on kitchen items that needs reordering. They prepare food items for the daily menu which includes chopping, sorting, washing and proper storing of food.

Conditions of Work of a kitchen staff

  • Vast restaurants open early in the morning and close late at night which implies that kitchen staff is also present and stay even earlier and very late.
  • Kitchen staff mostly find themselves running anywhere throughout different areas in the kitchen as they are obliged to stay alert the entire time. Some kitchen areas can be very chaotic and uncomfortable due to extreme heat and kitchen humidity. These individuals are expected to work on weekends and holidays.

Educational Requirements of a kitchen staff

In general, employers require candidates to acquire at least a short course or Vocational Diploma certificate in culinary arts but obtaining a bachelor in science degree in Nutrition, Food technology, Dietetics. FBSM or Food and Beverage Services Management, HRM or Hotel and Restaurant Management and any relevant course play a great advantage.

Occupation and Progress of a kitchen staff

A kitchen staff earns about an average wage of 32,000 USD. However, this may differ according to the location, benefits, job experience as well as expected roles and responsibilities. A kitchen assistant may earn income by adding some extra shifts. They also acquire other benefits like dental and medical plans, short term disability plans, life insurance plans, paid sick leaves and vacations, free uniforms, and meals.

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