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Kmart Store Manager Job Description

Store management is important in day-to-day operations of a retail store. There is a need to manage all the phases of store operation to assure largest possible sales and profitability. A store manager is the person who is responsible for the day-to-day operation of a retail store. All employees working in store reports to a store manager. Because of this, a Kmart Store Manager position might be a great choice of a career. A Kmart Store Manager can have a variety of challenging tasks, several roles, duties, and responsibilities to oversee the daily operations of a store.

Are you interested to be a Kmart Store Manager? Do want to know more the nature of work of Kmart Store Manager?

What is a Kmart Store Manager?

In a Kmart store, there are a lot of things that are present, such as products and goods, customers and their needs, including the employees. These things can be well handled by a Kmart Store Manager. The responsibilities of Kmart Store Manager may vary depending upon the size of the store.

Duties of Kmart Store Manager

A Kmart Store manager can have a variety of tasks. The principal obligation of a Kmart Store Manager is administering and managing all the day-to-day process that is carried out in the store. He manages goods for display, product inventory, salespersons, etc. Though, he doesn’t manage every single detail of the product, but more or less he has the record of all the products and the employees who are assigned for managing the products. In addition to product and customer management, he has also to take careful attention to the members of the sales team, as they are the one who are responsible for customer service.

Kmart Store’s employees reports to the Kmart Store Manager. He has also to supervise and to participate in hiring efficient employees. He can participate in recruiting eligible employees by interviewing them. He can work in conjunction with the HR professional in screening processes and recruitment activities. Aside from that, he has an important duty in of imparting development and training to the employees and sales team.

A Kmart Store manager may carry out also scheduling processes in the store. He has to participate in team development activities and encourage employees to work as a team.

Employee motivation is also one of the responsibilities of a Kmart Store Manager to encourage the employees to do their job efficiently.

Attracting clients and customers are also one of the important responsibilities of Kmart Store Manager. He has to ensure that the services and products offered to a customer satisfy their needs. He has to coordinate with the Kmart Sales Associate in this area of responsibility.

The duties of a Kmart Store Manager may change progressively depending on the growth of the business. However, the main goals remain the same which are to increase profitability and to give satisfactory customer service.

Working Condition of a Kmart Store Manager

Kmart Store Manager’s job can be physically demanding and a highly competitive work. Although, a store manager has a private office which he can work comfortably, the store manager will be in their feet all day and required to move around the store.

Educational Requirements of a Kmart Store Manager

Educational requirements for a Kmart Store Manager may vary. There are store managers who have reached their position through years of experience in the store and training. For this job, there is a need of a bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree of business administration. The years of experience and success in other jobs are also considered as a qualification for this job.

Occupation and Progress of a Kmart Store Manager

A Kmart Store Manager is a challenging job. A store manager has a variety of tasks and careful attention to details is required. He oversees the day-to-day operations of a store. To progress in this job, years of experience and trainings are needed. Some of the Kmart Store Managers are promoted to General Managers depending on their performance. Growth in economy also lead to growth of retailing stores, which means it will create more jobs of a store manager.

Do you have a passion to be a Kmart Store Manager? A Kmart Store Manager could be an amazing career for you.

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