Gym Teacher Job Description

There is nothing more exciting and fun than to go back to school and be young again. If you want to feel the sudden rush of the campus then why not go for a profession where you can actually work at school? Why not consider applying for a gym teacher?

Sounds interesting? Get all the details you need regarding this profession.

What is a Gym Teacher?

A gym teacher typically teaches school-age students regarding nutrients, healthy living as well as the important of daily exercise. This person is responsible for organizing and supervising school athletic activities during regular class days and even instructs students about proper work out routines and technique.

Duties of a Gym Teacher

  • Gym teacher is responsible in teaching grade school students from preschool to high school. Gym teacher in preschool and grade school is responsible in teaching his students about motor skills, spatial ability and even about proper cognition.
  • Gym teacher is responsible in teaching his students about fitness, nutrients, proper workout routine, health education and even different kinds of sports.
  • Gym teacher is also responsible in every school extra activities such as intramurals and sports fest and often assigned to be the coach of the school team.
  • Gym teacher is also responsible for teaching and coaching his students on how to play certain kinds of sports and even the importance of first aid method.

Work Condition of a Gym Teacher

  • Gym teacher is typically employed and working in schools and even on universities. He usually works for eight hours but may work over time especially during the school’s sports fest and intramurals.
  • Gym teacher always make sure that his students are in good shape and will not acquire any injuries during his class.

Educational Requirements of a Gym Teacher

If you are interested to apply on this job then here are the general requirements you need to know: First, you have completed 4-year college degree programs in physical education or health and fitness. Some school even requires a bachelor’s or master’s degrees in education, specializing his studies in Physical Education, before getting his teaching license. Must earn a Licensed Physical Education Teachers coming from the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards.

Occupation and Progress of a Gym Teacher

Gym teacher is typically employed in school and even to some day care center and universities. Some are also collaborating with sport coaches from different schools especially during sports fest and intramurals of different schools. If one wishes to progress on this kind of profession then he must have eligibility and license to take further responsibilities. He can also try to apply as sport coach during summer sports fest in the community for extra income.

Attaining the success you want from our profession is actually easy and simple to achieve. It is only important that you persevere and work hard. It is also important that you show great values and be a real model to your students. Gym teacher is not just a fun and exciting profession but it is also fulfilling and challenging.

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