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Kumon Instructor Job Description

Education is the way to our better future. Also it is the key towards success in our life. Behind all of it, there are mentors, teachers, profesor, kumon instructor or coaches who helps and encourages us to pursue our dreams. They became one of our inspirations in our daily living. Without them we cannot build better future for the next generation.

What is a Kumon Instructor?

Kumon means that it is a tutoring program which has an unique and effective technique in teaching a student. It teaches student to be independent in their studies. A Kumon Instructor is a special instructor he/she is the one who assists and helps the student in developing their self-learning ability. This kind of job is unfamiliar to us but we can also call it as a tutor it is also an one on one teaching method.

Duties of a Kumon Instructor

  • Kumon instructor is more like a mentor or a teacher. He/she supports students in enhancing their skills involving math and reading.
  • This person assists the students if ever they make a mistake and he/she observes the student whether he/she improves his/her abilities or not.
  • He/she gives assignments or homeworks to his/her student in order the student will master the lessons that the he/she thought to him/her.
  • The kumon instructor also encourages students to have a 100% perfect score in every test that they encounter everyday. Also the instructor inspires the student to reach their goals and dreams in their lives.
  • He/she uses kumon method of Toru Kumon using the worksheet designed for students in order them to learn how to be independent and it can enhance their own capabilities.

Work Condition of a Kumon Instructor

  • Usually, a kumon instructor works in a kumon center.
  • If the student cannott easily understand the topic the instructor should have a long patience and understanding in teaching him/her student.
  • The kumon instructor should know how to disipline the students and also herself/himself and this person should know her/his limitations as an instructor.
  • She/he must organize new activities or tactis in order the student will be amaze in learning new topics.

Educational Requirements of a Kumon Instructor

A kumon instructor should graduate a bachelor degree or has a diploma collegiate level. The course should be related to the job for a kumon instructor. He/she must be good at math and in reading skills. Also this person should be good in communicating with other people for us to persuade and encourage the students in their studies.

Occupation and Progress of a Kumon Instructor

Being a kumon instructor is not as easy as we think. He/she should be trustworthy and responsible to his job. If you are persuasive and very enthusiastic about the job, surely your gonna accomplish your goals in life.

Inspiration and encouragement are what a student needs to continue their studies for their future. So as a kumon instructor it is really a big challenge to be on this kind of job.

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