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The New York City Police Department (NYPD) is currently the largest and oldest police departments in the United States. One of the law enforcement career tracks of the NYPD is being a NYPD Lieutenant. It is a challenging and an exciting law enforcement career track consists of investigative tasks. Because of this, you might want to consider a NYPD Lieutenant to be a career.

Do you want to be a NYPD Lieutenant? Let’s discuss the nature of work of the NYPD Lieutenant.

What is a NYPD Lieutenant?

A NYPD Lieutenant is a NYPD police officer who is assigned to oversee the detective squads. They act as a supervisor to the detective squads. They are in-charge in supervising teams on patrol or the specialty units of NYPD.

Duties of a NYPD Lieutenant

A NYPD Lieutenant has a range of responsibilities. Their main duty is to serve and protect the public. They may serve as a commander in crime scenes and give service in emergency calls. They may also testify in courts and keep police reports.

NYPD Lieutenants work in conjunction with other lesser-ranking officers but it will depend on the size of the department, distribution of responsibilities, and the number or ranking officers. He can also be responsible in informing the public about important matters and more.

NYPD Lieutenants offer a quick response to public concerns and complaints and provide protection to the citizens in spite of the circumstances.

Work Condition of a NYPD Lieutenant

The nature of work of the NYPD Lieutenant exposes them to different situations of stress. Sometimes their lives may be in danger because of their work as law enforcement officials. Some people may intentionally harm them for being arrested or for putting them into jail. NYPD Lieutenants must be always alert and available. They must quickly response to public concerns, their complaints, and serve and provide protection in spite of the weather conditions and personal safety concerns. Because of the different tasks of the job, a NYPD Lieutenant must be emotionally and mentally healthy to cope up the stress brought by different situations.

Educational Requirement of a NYPD Lieutenant

The NYPD Lieutenant’s requirements are the same as the newly hired candidates. A high school diploma or equivalent is required. You must have a 60 semester college units with a 2.0 GPA or two years of military service culminating with an honourable discharge. He must also have a clean background check or clean criminal records. A proof of U.S citizenship is also required. The age requirement of NYPD Lieutenants is 21 to 35 years of age. A valid a New York State driver’s license and a residency in one of the five boroughs of the New York City are also required.

Occupation and Progress of a NYPD Lieutenants

A NYPD Lieutenant experiences a situation of varying stress levels due to the nature of the work but it is a challenging and exciting career. You’ll be serving and protecting lives of people. If one wants to progress or to be promoted in this job, you must show a good performance in this job. There are certain certifications to be promoted in this rank of job. You can be promoted to be a captain, chief of department and etc.

Demand yourself to do a work that you will love. Do not settle for less when you can do so much more. A NYPD Lieutenant could be a right career for you.

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