NBA Commissioner Job Description

A lot of people enjoy watching basketball. The NBA (National Basketball Association) is considered as the National governing body of basketball game in United States. One of the most famous positions in NBA is the NBA commissioner. Below are the job descriptions of a NBA commissioner.

What is NBA Commissioner?

The NBA commissioner is a person who has a sound knowledge in professional basketball as well as about law and public relations. These persons are confident in handling a huge billion dollar industry along with many different personalities such as team owners, referees and athletes.

Duties of NBA Commissioner

  • The NBA commissioners must obtain a thorough comprehension regarding legal systems as they serve as the core man in financial negotiations onto the owners of the league and the union of players. They oversee everything such as NBA’s radio, website rights, television including the general arms of the marketing department of NBA league like merchandise promotions and sales.
  • NBA commissioners should also be widely respected. They are required to be someone who has the capacity in increasing the league’s wide scale popularity globally. A national commissioner can do this by visiting several nations and through sending the NBA league’s most famous and sought-after players to other countries and state in order to promote their NBA league.
  • NBA commissioners are also responsible in occasionally stepping in and solving issues or disputes that may happen. Oftentimes, NBA commissioners are allowed in putting fines on people who question the integrity of the league. They also defend the league whenever certain issues strike that may ruin the league’s reputation.

Conditions of Work

Whenever certain news or issues either good or bad surrounds the league, the media will directly turn to NBA commissioner so as to address the entire matter. With this, NBA commissioners should remain poised in public speaking with a quick ability to think critically and confidently whenever confronted by various questions.

Educational requirements

In order to become a NBA commissioner, a good background in law is essential. Most NBA commissioners have attained a law degree. A good work experience on law firm that represents the NBA (National Basketball Association) is also a top notch.

Occupation and Progress

The NBA commissioner is generally paid in order to know more about the basketball league’s teams, history and famous players. NBA commissioner is mostly present at the center stage in every major event in an NBA.

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