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Fleet And Mobile Maintenance Mechanic Job Description

Fleet and Mobile Maintenance Mechanic are responsible for maintaining the company’s fleet of vehicles by inspecting them, repairing and replacing parts as needed on a fleet of gas and/or diesel vehicles.

They diagnose problems and do repairs as recommended by vehicle manufacturers and in compliance with local, state and federal requirements.

Nature of Work

Fleet Maintenance Mechanics are in charge of preparing vehicles for proper operations. They perform preventive maintenance work through inspection and servicing of vehicles, holding performance testing, and replacing or repairing defective vehicle components. In doing repairs on the vehicles concerned, maintenance mechanics interview drivers, diagnose problems and vehicle operation issues, perform testing procedures, and make repairs or replacements as needed using proper tools and equipment. They perform body and paint works as needed. Maintenance mechanics also keep vehicle records such as mileage, repair and maintenance schedule, etc., and prepare cost estimates for repairs and service requests. They also make sure that operating company vehicles is safe and ensures that the vehicles pass state inspections and comply with legal requirements. They are also expected to update their job knowledge through participation in the company’s educational program, if available; and through reading related technical papers and publications.


Fleet maintenance mechanics must have in-dept knowledge of current principles, techniques and practices used in repairing and maintaining gas and diesel engine-equipped vehicles, as well as concepts involved in internal combustion engines, and electrical, electronic and hydraulic systems used in vehicles. They should have extensive knowledge in handling tools, equipment and implementing safety practices when repairing and maintaining the company’s fleet of vehicles. They should be able to repair and maintain gas and/or diesel vehicles including their components such as brakes, pumps, hydraulic system, differentials, and transmissions. Maintenance mechanics should be able to follow written and verbal instructions and well versed in using technical service manuals.

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