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Plant And Equipment Maintenance Manager Job Description

Plant and equipment maintenance managers are responsible for making sure that plant facilities and equipment are always in good order and condition.

They oversee the implementation of the plant’s existing maintenance program. They are responsible for identifying what parts of the plant’s facilities are in need of additional work and necessary improvement. They work in collaboration with the operating staff to make sure that the plant is safe and operates at peak conditions every time. In some particular plants, they may be required to work with hazardous materials.

Nature of Work

The Maintenance Manager is in charge of implementing the plant’s overall preventive and predictive maintenance programs. They have the responsibility to keep records of equipment failures and provide needed information and data to the Plant Manager. They also provide the list of tasks and schedules for the plant’s personnel during normal operating hours, scheduled outage and forced outage scenarios. They also have to create outage plans for short and long term periods. Maintenance managers should keep the plant’s maintenance manual and safety manual up to date, making sure that they comply with requirements of the local, state and federal government. They should also make sure that vendor maintenance and repair manuals are kept current and filed properly. Plant and equipment maintenance managers take steps to maintain the morale and motivate maintenance personnel. They assist in hiring of the plant’s maintenance personnel, including locating and screening of candidates.


Maintenance Managers should be able to make sure that the plant is operating in a safe manner and without accidents. They should be able to communicate effectively with other plant personnel and convey needed information to the Plant Manager such as the status of plant equipment and performance, being able to give suggestions for operating improvements. This position usually requires a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering or equivalent. The right candidate for the job should have strong motivational and leadership skills, and have experience not only in supervising technical personnel but administrative and supervisory personnel as well.

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