Automotive Mechanic Job Description

by Writing Team on March 4, 2010

The Automotive Mechanic inspects, services, and repairs the engines, brakes, and other parts of cars, buses, and trucks. They also perform routine maintenance to prevent future breakdowns.

Primary objectives:

  • The automotive mechanic, major function is to inspect service and repair engines.

  • The automotive mechanic works from brakes and other parts of cars, buses and trucks.

  • The automotive Mechanic performs routine maintenance to prevent future breakdowns.

The Automotive Mechanic diagnoses problems quickly and accurately, which requires an analytical ability on their part. The Automotive Mechanic is required to have a thorough knowledge of cars, mechanical and electronic systems. The outmoded mechanic, must be competent enough to use a riot he only electronic tools, such as infrared engine analyzer’s and computers. Many mechanics consider diagnosing hard to find problems one of their most challenging and satisfying duties.

After locating the source of the mouse functions, mechanics often need to replace or repair faulty parts. Automotive mechanics specialize in particular kinds of repair, such as electric coal or transmission problems. These types of Automotive Mechanics usually work in special service shops. The special service shop mechanic has to take advanced training in his field and become certified. Most mechanics work in automobile dealerships, automobile repair shops, or gasoline service station. The federal, state, and local government agencies keep a full staff of automobile mechanics in order to keep government vehicles in good running order. Automotive mechanics often work for taxi Cab Company, automobile leasing companies, and other companies that repair their own cars and trucks. The automobile manufacturing business, higher mechanic to make adjustment and repairs after cars come off the assembly line. Some mechanics work for large department stores that have the skill and training for servicing auto mobiles.

People work in the service department of retail stores to change tires is not considered an automobile mechanic. These types of people are not professionally trained to work on engines and transmissions. Instead, their sole function is just change tires for the vehicles. This type of work does not require any type of formal education. Automotive mechanic is trained, in his field, and usually has a license or a special certification in his special field of automotive training. A growing number of employers require auto mechanics to complete training programs offered by trade or vocational schools. Many high schools are now offering the use of today, educational programs to train them on how to become an auto mechanic. These students do receive a certification of their sky duties and may enter on the entry level job positions in auto mechanic. The students often train under experienced mechanics for up to four years before they can become licensed automotive mechanics.

The experience can make usually works in large shops, and know that they may advance to supervisory position with higher pay for their experience. Mechanics, who like to work with customers, may become service estimators, who take clients were mechanics. Many mechanics open up their own repair shops or service stations. The employment rate for automotive mechanics is expected to increase at a very fast average through the year 2014. The field is very lucrative, and with the innovation of vehicles that are electrical. Instead of operating on gas, the automotive mechanic specializes in the electrical field has a very promising future.

Most mechanics work 48 hour week on the average, while those who own their own shop know that they are expected to work many more hours. The automotive mechanic, who owns his own shop, must be able to do the paperwork, hiring, and all other office duties. This type of mechanic finds that in order for his business to grow. He must keep constant hands on approach. Not only to the maintenance of the vehicles, but to the business is side shop. Eventually most automotive mechanics are able to hire an office manager and other mechanics to help him in his business. When this happens, the owner then does not need put in as many hours.

Most automotive mechanics prefer working for large dealerships, because they know that their salary will be very high, and benefits are great. While other mechanics prefer owning their own business, because he eventually the profit margin will outweigh the many hours spent growing the business. Some other mechanics prefer working for the automotive industry experimenting with the newer model cars that are just now being put on the market for the consumer. The newer cars operate by the use of electricity Instead of gasoline. This is a challenge that some automotive mechanics enjoy doing.

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