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Key Holder Job Description

Safety is a luxury that one can easily afford and others die trying. Everybody needs protection and as far as businesses are concerned, establishments need to ensure all of their employees’ safety and the establishment itself. That is why nowadays, establishments have security cameras, motion sensors and sometimes, traps set up for anyone who dares to threaten their safety. But even though they have all these contraptions when they forgot to lock the front door, it is all the same right? That is why you may want to consider being a key holder.

Are you interested in ensuring your colleagues’ safety? Then let us venture to the nature of this work.

What is a Key Holder?

A key holder is someone whose task is to open and close the establishment and sometimes, take over additional responsibilities like managing and supervising.

Duties of a Key Holder

  • A key holder’s main responsibility is to open and close the business. Tagged as a ‘key’ holder, key holders hold the keys to the establishment and always make sure that the locks are properly placed and making sure that the security alarms and camera are on.
  • Key Holders also perform duties like entertaining customers, assisting them and answering their questions.
  • A key holder also performs utility work like stacking the shelves and boxes and maintaining the appearance of the displays.
  • A key holder’s duty is not limited from what is stated above. Sometimes, employers do assign various works to a key holder.

Work Condition of a Key Holder

  • Key holders work in different parts of an establishment. It depends on where they are assigned by their bosses. Usually, they work in every part of the establishment as their duties are diverse.
  • Key Holders are often busy entertaining customer’s inquiries and assisting them on the establishment.
  • The routine of handling items that vary from different sizes and weights is performed by a key holder as they carry around boxes or products.

Educational Requirements of a Key Holder

  • Although most employers only require a diploma in high school, they require training and practice in retail. Employers believe that the real education in this job is best learned at work.
  • Some employers that are in a high level in marketing require candidates to have a course or training in retail or anything related to it.

Occupation and Progress of a Key Holder

  • A key holder works for an establishment. Having an own business as a key holder is not considered by many. This job is at its best in establishments so if you want to be a key holder, then apply for big shops or establishments.

When applying for the job, always keep in mind that success is found in people who strive hard to reach their goals. When pursuing a career as a key holder, it is essential to be committed and to be observant of safety and security. As far as studies in this job are concerned, the employment outlook for this job is very good. So if you want to start securing that position for success, start now by choosing the amazing career as a key holder.

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