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by Publishing Team on December 20, 2010

DVD Empire Job Description

DVD Empire started in 1997 with the ambition to develop the vending of DVDs on the Internet. From the time it was launched, DVD Empire has rapidly become one of the first Internet sites at the moment by providing customers with a trouble-free to use website, wide product information, dazzling customer service, safe and sound shopping, hard to believe In Stock varieties, and Same Day delivery. The company is much open with In-house reviews, customer comments and suggestions, editorial articles, and interviews with the cast and crew because they believed that when customers’ sees and read those writings and interviews, it helps them in informing more the customers of their credibility as a company thus trust and easy buying decisions are made by the customers.

DVD Empire Duties and Responsibilities

  • Customer Service Representative

A CSR is responsible in taking inbound calls, answering emails and act together with customers through Live Chat; functions with other departments to resolve any issues with the customer incidence; responsible in maintaining records of customer communications and dealings; acquires and looks at all significant information to evaluate soundness of objections and to settle on promising causes; responsible in inflowing guidelines for record mail orders and resolving customers’ service or billing protest; responsible in determining charges for services requested, accumulate deposits or expenses or assemble for billing; responsible in entering orders for proof mail orders and finishing agreement forms, preparing adjustment of address account and issuing service discontinuance orders; helps design and keep posted company marketing resources, publish advertisements and website.

CSR Salary: $20,000.00 to $35,000.00

  • Editorial Internship

The Editorial Intern examines and evaluates films, either for magazines and newspapers or for broadcast media; produces original substance for one of the Web’s most unbeaten and original environmental media sites; does proofreading and laying out content; responsible for creating Pornstar bios for adult dvd empire; and responsible for doing back up for editorial staff as needed on projects.

Editorial Intern Salary: $10.00 per hour

  • Movie Reviewer

The Movie Reviewer observes and assesses films, either for magazines and newspapers or for broadcast media; note down interpretations about a film without telling too much about the story; may weigh against certain films with others of the matching genre when scripting the reviews; may assess quite a lot of movies a week, report on broad-spectrum of entertainment news broadcast and bulletins; by and large talk about the goals and significance of the films movie reviewer evaluate and give reviews and feedbacks that are appealing, interesting, fascinating, insightful and out of the ordinary.

Movie Reviewer Salary: $1.00 per word or $500.00 per review

DVD Empire Job Application Form Online

You can join their company by visiting their online application or send your updated resume to www.dvdempire.com.

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