Event Planner Job Description

by Publishing Team on August 12, 2010

Event Planners have a difficult job – it is more than just planning parties. They are involved in organizing, coordinating, and running events, making sure everything work as planned, without glitches or disruptions and always according to the requirements of clients of the day of the actual event.

They can be found working as freelance event planners or working for an event planning organization which offers wedding planning, conference and meeting planning and other events.

Nature of Work

Event Planners are responsible for coordinating each detail of the particular event they are planning. They take care of the invited speakers, location, and audio-visual equipment, including printed materials and other collaterals. They work to make sure that the common purpose for the meeting or convention is achieved. Event planners are involved in identifying the objectives of the event and in determining the necessary requirements that need to be met before accomplishing the said objectives. They coordinate and meet with the organizing committees and sponsors in order to plant the extent and format of the scheduled events. Event planners are also responsible for establishing and monitoring budgets, taking steps to ensure that expenses are within the allotted budget. They confer with all contractors and service providers for the events including transportation and accommodation for guests and participants, catering, exhibits, and security. They are in charge of registration, program preparation and event promotion, sponsorships and publicity. Event planners must also plan for the participants’ entertainment and socialization. They are responsible for hiring, training and supervising support personnel, approving material requisitions, maintaining financial records and preparing reports. Event planners may be required to travel around, meeting clients and visiting locations.


Event planners have to particular educational requirements. Many employers accept candidates with undergraduate degree in business, communications or hospitality management. They should have excellent organizational and communication skills. They should be able to handle multi-tasking and know how to troubleshoot related issues and problems. They should know how to interact with all kinds of people and be able to manage their time accordingly. Those who want to become event planners can gain experience by volunteering to assist in planning events for their family and friends.

Degrees and Training to Become an Event Planner

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