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Why You Should Consider Looking for a Job at Disney

Have you ever seen or read about Disney jobs and considered working for Disney? Maybe you love Disney but wonder what it would be like to work for the company. This article explores the perks of working for Disney and what sort of Disney jobs are available right now. It might surprise you what Disney offers, especially the variety of career options.

What Is Disney?

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Everyone loves Disney: the movies, the stories, the characters, the culture, and the hope it gives people. It’s more than just a company; it’s magic, and a magic that has engulfed the globe with its ideals and culture and become the most popular brand for children’s stories, truly making it the happiest place on Earth.

The Walt Disney Company was founded in 1923 by Walt Disney and Roy Disney. It started with a dream of giving inspiration to people of all ages. The company began as a small studio in Los Angeles producing a short series called The Alice Comedies. It wasn’t until 1937 that the company finally made its first full featured film, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. After World War Two, Disney brought normalcy into American homes with movies such as Cinderella, Peter Pan and Alice in Wonderland. By 1954 Disneyland opened, providing a fantastical oasis for families to enjoy.

Disneyland changed the game for Disney because Disney was now more than just a household name; Disney had become a place you where could interact with your favorite characters.

On October 1st, 1971, Walt Disney World opened, as an expansion to the Disney empire. There was yet another place you could go to and live inside to experience the world of Disney. Disney World is much larger than Disneyland and offers more variety than the first theme park, including Epcot park in which you can travel from the cultures of Morocco to Japan all within a day.

From Disney World sprouted a globalized Disney franchise, opening theme parks outside of the United States. Resorts also spread around the world, as well as cruises, and even Castaway Cay, Disney’s exclusive island. There’s a lot to Disney, and a lot of opportunity to work for this exciting, innovative, and historic company.

Why Work at Disney

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You don’t interview for Disney: you audition for Disney.

When working for Disney, you aren’t just a humble worker bee like you are with other corporations; at Disney you are a cast member. Cast members make the magic of Disney. It is the cast members’ attitude and enthusiasm that makes or breaks the brand.

Disney jobs not only offer a beautiful place of employment; Disney jobs place you right into the Disney story. You get to be a character and play a crucial role to a child’s perspective and whole experience of the brand.


There are plenty of perks working at Disney. For starters, you get free entry to all Disney parks, excluding certain holidays and special events. Disney offers this perk to all its employees. Considering that tickets can run upward of several hundred dollars, this is a huge perk for its employees and relatives of the employee.

Discounts are also in abundance. Want to stay at a Disney resort? As a cast member, you get fifty percent off resort prices, making vacations a lot less expensive. For cruises, you can expect a discount between forty and sixty percent. This is hundreds of dollars in savings, especially if you use these perks during the off-season. Cast members also enjoy sneak peeks to attractions before Disney opens them to the public, giving cast members the first-hand experience as well as knowledge about the attraction.

Merchandise is also discounted. Use your company ID and you get twenty percent off merchandise, which comes in handy for birthdays and Christmas time. Disney merchandise isn’t just targeted at children either; there’s plenty of Disney merchandise many adults enjoy.


Cast members also get to experience cast parties, which are exclusive parties for employees only. These parties allow you to visit attractions off hours and ride the most entertaining rides. Disney World cast members who hit certain milestones in their career with Disney also enjoy the perks of a “red carpet gala night,” where the honorary employee is celebrated and appreciated by Disney. During this event expect fine dining and alcoholic beverages, and then exclusive access to the park.

Speaking of fine dining, all who’ve visited Disney know that the food and restaurants in the parks are above par compared with other theme parks. Heavy discounts are given to cast members, so bring your closest friends and enjoy a night out with this perk.

Punctual Paychecks

Working at one of the Disney theme parks also means they pay weekly for hourly workers, so waiting from paycheck to paycheck isn’t a worry. Disney jobs offer stock options for their employees too, and since Disney is so profitable, there’s no worry of their stock values dropping soon.

Worried about having to pay for uniforms? Disney jobs provide costumes and uniforms for many of their positions. Most companies in the United States require employees to pay for their uniforms, unlike Disney. Free dry cleaning is available for certain positions.

Healthcare and Other Benefits

You get great healthcare coverage with Disney jobs, including medical, dental and vision options for full-time employees to choose from. Along with healthcare, Disney wants to ensure its cast members are healthy and offers a wellness program that includes perks such as Zumba classes, yoga, sports trainers, flu shots, cooking lessons, personal trainers, health education and more.

Disney jobs offer education incentives, providing e-learning environments, on-site learning centers, diversity training, management and leadership training and even educational reimbursement programs to full-time employees.

Annual pay increases are another perk of being a cast member and planning for retirement. Sick leave is available for full-time employees. Vacation time is another perk of working for Disney, and why not use those free park passes to take your family to Disney World? The kids will love it.

The Experience

Lastly, Disney is just fun. Most jobs don’t hold as high of ideals or demand the customer service expectations that Disney does, but this environment fosters a sense of commitment to the best performance. When working for Disney, cast members take pride in presenting the most enthusiastic and enjoyable experience to children. It’s hard not to incorporate that optimism into your own life. Disney is a world of wonder and really is the happiest place on Earth. It only makes sense it is the happiest place to work.

These incentives make working for Disney and attractive and comfortable place to work. The constant stressors of other jobs are not present when working for Disney because the purpose of Disney is to keep the spirit of integrity and joy alive in all who embark on the Disney journey.

What Disney Jobs Are Available?

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There are a wide range of Disney jobs available that expand beyond just working in their theme parks.

If you are working within the tech industry, consider working for Disney. Technical Programmer, Streaming Media Assistant and QA Tester are just three of the many tech jobs that Disney has openings for right now.

Social Media niches are available for those who are savvy in communications. Manager for Content Services is another Disney employment opportunity.

Is big business more your thing? Disney has job openings for Product Managers, Senior Talent Acquisition, Multi-Platform Consumer Marketing positions and even internships for people looking to build their experience.

You can also help build Disney by joining their engineering team or architect team. A current position open right now is Senior Application Architect.

Many of these Disney jobs pay well, with the tech jobs pushing the upper $70K and upwards based on prior experience and knowledge. Social media jobs range from around $40K to $60K, and the business side of things between $50k and $90K.

There are other positions available, such as merchandise Store Managers, HR Specialists, Sales Reps and other much needed employment opportunities.

If you’re just starting out, many of the stores and theme parks employ young adults and college students, offering great career starter opportunities.


Disney is a fascinating company to work for, from the culture and lifestyle to the creative endeavors this brand has brought forth. This company brings encouragement and light into the sometimes dark world we live in. Being a part of Disney means building better and brighter stories and giving people excitement, entertainment and comfort. Disney prides itself on taking care of its cast members and employing highly adept people to build its brand. From basic pay increases, health care and retirement planning to free perks like theme park entries, hefty discounts on merchandise, exclusive cast parties, and educational opportunities, Disney makes sure you can live your best life and experience your best story. Hopefully, you’ll share your story with Disney.

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