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Why You Should Consider Looking for a Job at Walgreens

Whether you’re looking for a job while in college or a long-term career, finding a position that offers you benefits will help make the job that much better for you long term. While there area number of opportunities available to you no matter where you live, Walgreens jobs are definitely worth considering. With thousands of locations around the United States, working at Walgreens is not only a viable option in most areas of the country but it opens up the potential of moving around and still having available work after you’ve put in some time and training with the company.

Beyond the ability to move about, there are several position types and options available when it comes to working at Walgreens. So before you apply for your next position, make sure to consider the different Walgreens jobs that are available to you.

What Is Walgreens?

Walgreens is the current incarnation of the corner drugstore. It is typically located on the corners of busy intersections in order to provide the greatest level of opportunity for both foot traffic and vehicles driving by. Walgreens sells a wide range of items to customers. It sells basic grocery goods, ranging from snacks and sodas to some healthy alternatives. There is a freezer section for frozen foods and other desirable snacks. The store sells a number of household products as well, ranging from toilet paper to cleaning items, some toys, and seasonal items as well.

You’ll find beauty products ranging from shampoos to makeup. It is also a pharmacy. Typically located in the rear of the store, the pharmacy fills medication sent to the location by doctors. There are also over-the-counter medications available to help battle the common cold as well as natural vitamins and supplements for healthy living.

Walgreens is the place where you stop by if you forgot something at the grocery store and just need to pick up one or two things. It’s often cheaper to head into a Walgreens to pick up the one or two items you forgot than to head into the grocery store and spend money on added items you likely don’t need.

Walgreens Mobile Application

Walgreens also has a mobile application. The mobile application provides several benefits to users. A user who integrates their medication information into the app can track when they need to go in for a refill or even when the refill is ready. They receive coupons directly to the app so they don’t need to check the Sunday newspaper for these advertisements.

Additionally, the Walgreens application allows users to earn “Wellness Points.” These points add up and can save money within the store. There is also a health integration element to the application. It uses the GPS feature on a mobile phone and tracks the distance a person walks or runs. It then allows the individual to earn Wellness Points off of this.

What Kinds of Walgreens Jobs Are Available?

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When it comes to Walgreens jobs, there are several opportunities available. These jobs will depend on different locations as some might be available at certain locations while others might be fully staffed.


First, Walgreens jobs include associates, who will work the checkout line and help stock items in the store. There are also individuals who work specifically in the beauty section to assist with the finding and locating of specific beauty cosmetics.


There are also shift managers and store managers. The shift manager will be the individual in charge of the shift and, if there is a problem within the store, customers will see the shift manager. The store manager is the individual who runs the daily operations of the store. They will help schedule employees and do what is necessary for the location owner. Often owners run multiple Walgreens locations, so they will not always be on hand to handle issues should these problems arise.


There are positions within the pharmacy. The pharmacists is someone who has received specialized education at a university for pharmaceutics. These positions do require degrees and additional certifications, so to apply for these Walgreens jobs it is necessary to have the appropriate education.

Outside the Store

If you’re interested in working outside the store, there are some delivery options avialable that work through distribution centers. These centers send out trucks to deliver Walgreens brand items to locations around the country. So, if you do not want a physical location to work but instead would rather drive the delivery trucks, this is a viable option. The positions do not come up as frequently and you must be located near a distribution center to apply for the position, but if you enjoy delivering goods, working with your hands and driving from time to time, Walgreens to Walgreens, this is a job to consider.

Why Work at Walgreens?

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When considering Walgreens jobs there are several benefits behind working with the company. While it is a chain location, you’ll receive favorable benefits over many other companies. It’s also a company you can grow with, as you can work your way up the employment ladder and eventually make it into the corporate level if you desire. You may also consider opening your own Walgreens if location ownership is an interest to you.

Time Off

You receive several benefits when it comes to time off. This is broken down into three categories when working Walgreens jobs: paid time off, holidays, and disability. You’ll receive all three when you work with the company.

Profit Sharing and Stock Purchase Plans

Looking to invest in your future while working in the present? With Walgreens jobs you can do exactly that. First, there is a profit-sharing plan in the form of a 401(k). No matter your age, it is never too early to invest in your future. One of the best ways to do this is through a profit-sharing plan. This 401(k) option helps you save money that will grow and earn interest as you continue to add more to the account.

The company will also match your contribution to your retirement fund. This is a major benefit and something you need to take advantage of. It ultimately doubles the money you can put away, which is like free money when you retire. The total amount of money the company matches will vary based on your position, but try to take advantage of the full amount.

If you’re interested in investing back into the company, purchase Walgreens stock. There is an employee stock purchase plan that allows you to buy into the company for less than what someone on the outside would pay. This is just another financial benefit you’ll receive when working one of the many Walgreens jobs.

Company Paid Life Insurance

This is something you can take advantage of whether you are a salaried team member or an hourly member. Once you are eligible, you can take advantage of the company paid term life insurance. This is especially important if you are married or if you have a child and you want to provide for them in the event of your death. You will receive 1.5 times your annual base salary, or you’ll earn $25,000 for hourly paid team members for every year you work with the company. This will quickly add up to a sizeable life insurance policy.

Insurance Options

If you’re looking for insurance options, Walgreens jobs help with this. For starters, there are several providers and plan levels you can opt into. Some of these levels depend on your location and the state you’re in. However, if you need insurance and want to take advantage of the financial opportunity, this is something to consider.

You can also take advantage of the optional orthodontic coverage if you’re considering braces, plus there are prescription drug, dental, and vision insurance packages you available to employees.

Added Benefits

Some of these benefits will depend on your location, but there are opportunities you need to consider depending on where you are in life and your current family situation. Many Walgreens jobs and locations provide child care assistance, work and life resources, transportation benefit plans and a prescription savings club. There is also an employee discount and employee purchase program. This will help you save money on all purchases made at Walgreens. This way, you can take home eligible items for less than what customers might spend.

With everything from beauty products to household items when you want to save money on purchases, this a valuable option to take advantage of. You’ll also find flu shots and travel consultation plus flexible spending accounts (FSA) provided.


There are several Walgreens jobs available around the country. The beauty of working at Walgreens is there is likely a location nearby. If you take on one of these jobs you’ll receive an assortment of benefits. So whether you’re in college and looking for work to help offset the cost of schooling or you’re interested in a full-time career, you owe it to yourself to consider Walgreens jobs for your future.

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