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Endodontist Job Description

It is found out that dentistry has been practiced 2000 years ago. Teeth with bronze or gold have been unearthed giving scientists the impression that people of old times have their own way of treating their mouths. Today, technology has made care for the teeth and the mouth easier. This profession is becoming a demand since people are becoming conscious of their mouth and teeth and are compelled to look great not just physically as in the body but of the teeth as well and to have a specialized kind of dentistry to satisfy their teeth and mouth problems. It is the job then of the Endodontist to provide such service to the community.

What is an Endodontist?

To know what an Endodontist do, there is a need to define endodontics first. Endodontics is a specialty branch of dentistry and a dental science which deals with the tooth pulp and every tissue that surrounds the tooth root. An Endodontist is someone who specializes in this area, wherein he diagnoses and treats the diseases of the dental pulp that includes blood vessels, nerves and other compartments in the root of the tooth; simply put, he provides treatment for the root canal.

Duties of an Endodontist

  • There are several functions of an Endodontist but the main task is treating root canals. This is the specialty of an Endodontist.
  • An Endodontist is responsible for the examination, diagnoses and treatment of the nerve and dental tissue wherein he checks every part of the mouth that includes teeth, gums and other tissues within. Examination is simple and an X-ray may be used to perform such exam.
  • An Endodontist deals with the restoring or removing of pulp that is found in the mouth and the tissues. This can be done with oral surgeries when necessary.
  • This profession also offers the patients like teeth bleaching and other dental services within his capabilities.
  • As most Endodontists do private practice, they should also learn how to run their business and keep up with the surgical techniques and current dental trends.

Work Condition of an Endodontist

An Endodontist typically works in a dental clinic during clinic hours that the clinic sets if he is just starting out under an expert Endodontist or he sets his own clinic hours when he is doing his own private practice. In this dental clinic, there is a front desk, a waiting room, a consultation room and an exam room used for examinations and surgeries.

An Endodontist may also be called for emergency cases and travel once in a while for trainings and conferences.

The working environment may become stressful especially when most patients are anxious to know about their mouth problems. This requires the Endodontist to have a great personality to ease their patients’ anxiety. A relaxing atmosphere within the clinic and staff is also needed to arrive at such reassuring environment to the patients.

Educational Requirements of an Endodontist

If one is interested to become an Endodontist, high school can be starting point to pave way to such profession. In high school, one can focus on the math and science classes. In college, a bachelor’s degree with a course in the sciences is required. After which, an above average score in the Dental Admission Test or DAT to enter dental school wherein a two to three year specialization in endodontics is undergone. A dentistry license is also mandatory to practice such profession. Certification from the American Dentist Association or ADA is available as well as American Board of Endodontics which are voluntary certifications but essential factors as they display the excellent abilities of the Endodontist.

Further seminars, trainings and workshops should be attended to be updated on recent trends, surgical methods and any other new technologies.

Occupation and Progress of an Endodontist

This type of profession is increasing in demand as more patients need such specialization. So the outlook for this kind of job is good amidst high competitiveness.

An Endodontist who is doing his own practice is the highest level in this kind of career. It is necessary then that the Endodontist maintains his reputation and if possible increase his clientele through exceptional services and customer satisfaction. It is also imperative to have good business relationships with other Endodontists or General Dentists to have a wide range of referrals.

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