Fleet Administrator Job Description

by Publishing Team on March 25, 2011

Some Federal Agency has a lot of vehicles which makes it difficult for them to manage it. That is why they will need a Fleet Administrator to make their life easier. They are the ones who track and supervise vehicles with no difficulty.

Do you want to learn more about the job? Read the job description beneath.

What is a Fleet Administrator?

A Fleet Administrator permits organizations that depend on transportation in their business to eliminate or lessen the risk that is linked with motor vehicle ventures, improving effectiveness, output and receding the cost for their transportation and staff. They are in charge of the vehicles that are kept by organizations, government agencies and large corporations.

Duties of a Fleet Administrator

  • A Fleet Administrator is accountable for fleets that would array in different sizes that come from more than a few hundreds to greater than a thousand of automotives. They guide the administrative staff and communicate with the vice president or director of transportation of a company.
  • Fleet Administrators are the one who makes standards for fleet administration and policies regarding vehicle operation. They put in order the yearly budgets and the making of operating cost reports periodically. They are also held responsible for obtaining or renting the equipments and vehicles.
  • Fleet Administrators have the power over preserving, refurbishing, replacing and the discarding of vehicles. They conduct trainings like preventing accidents, promoting safety and discussing insurance matters.
  • A Fleet Administrator makes manuals for drivers and keeps employees be updated of their fleet programs through news sheets. They keep the employees and the vehicles dynamic, allowing them to increase the load of their job.

Work Condition of a Fleet Administrator

  • a Fleet Administrator usually works in a cozy office environment, but at times they are required to go outdoors to check the vehicles. They regularly work for government agencies and organizations. They would have to direct administrative staffs that would consist of two to greater than twelve employees.

Educational Requirements of a Fleet Administrator

  • To be hired as a Fleet Administrator, one must have a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing, Technical Field or in Science. Having a Master’s Degree would be an advantage since most employers would hire candidates who hold this degree. They need to have a comprehensive knowledge that are related to leasing and renting vehicles, they should also be able to communicate well and is good in using the computer.

Occupation and Progress of a Fleet Administrator

  • One must have the experience before they are hired to be a Fleet Administrator. Most of these administrators gain their experience by being a fleet administrator staff or through working in a leasing agency or car rental companies. They have to make use of their coordination skills since they will manage the orders for replacing vehicles along with ending the parameter of lease.

Most of the Fleet Administrator progress by being administrators in larger fleets. They will be place in higher positions such as transportation directors or even become a vice president of a company. There may be an increase in the need for hiring Fleet Administrators in the coming years but some agencies would rather give the responsibility to leasing corporations and this would cause the limited number of available positions for administrators.

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