Medical Director Job Description

by Publishing Team on April 18, 2011

The medical industry is one of the most in demand fields in the arena of health care services. One of the most famous and challenging medical career is becoming a medical director.

What is a medical director?

Medical directors are physicians who serve as the leader in clinical setting or head of a health care facility. They are responsible in developing and implementing procedures, policies and best medical practices. They oversee all trainings and provide continuing education for their staff. Furthermore, a medical director assures that the medical facility is in line with all state, federal and local laws and should directly report any relevant information to the senior manager of the facility.

Duties of a medical director

  • A medical director is responsible in recruiting health care professionals and supervises medical staff. They monitor the development and training of their health team, award promotions to deserving candidates and administer disciplinary actions if necessary.
  • Medical directors should make sure that compliance with rules, regulatory requirements, policies and communication with department heads so as to make certain that the goals and objectives of the organizations are met.
  • They also have the capacity to create and implement the best medical practice program, maintain a consistent standard of quality care offered towards their patients. They are in charge in managing the department’s budget that are within their scope.

Condition of Work of a medical director

Most medical directors work in large medical facilities such as clinics and hospitals. Others may find job employments in non-traditional health care facilities which include corporations in schools, universities and commercial buildings. In addition, resident care facilities and nursing homes for elderly also employ medical directors.

Educational Requirements of a medical director

In order to get this job, medical directors should be a physician or a medical doctor. A prior work experience in any medical facility is an additional point with the minimum of 10 years professional experience. Additionally, the aspiring candidate for this particular field should have certificate from the appropriate state board that is within their field of specialty. Some employers quickly hire candidates that are certified medical director from the American Medical Directors Association, although this is not an important requirement.

Occupation and Progress of a medical director

Becoming a medical director will definitely lead a person towards having job satisfaction and job security. According to United States Bureau of Labor and Statistics, a medical director earns an average amount of $ 211,251 per annum.

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