Computer Instructor Job Description

by Writing Team on January 28, 2010

The Computer Instructor/ Consultant provide instruction in a predetermined subject area in such a manner that has the most opportunity for personal growth.

Primary Objectives:

  • The Computer Instructor/Consultant are available to help students, small business people, and those who are in need of help to familiarize themselves with computer knowledge.
  • When a business is too small to have a specialist on staff they normally rely on the Computer Instructor/Consultant to come into their business help them set up the proper programs and teach the staff how to use those programs.
  • The Computer Instructor/Consultant plays two roles one of developing programs that are function able for the business and teach the members how to use the programs.
  • The Computer Instructor/Consultant must be a college graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Sciences.

In order to be a Computer Instructor/Consultant you must have a four-year college with education in communication and computer science. The Computer Instructor/Consultant must be literate in Microsoft, Lotus, Corel, Excel and other industry applications. The Computer Instructor/Consultant must have excellent communication skills. Normally, the Computer Instructor/Consultant will not only advise and help the company owners/managers on the programs that are best suited to their business but must be able to explain the programs and teach them to the staff. The duties of the Computer Consultant are the application of analysis techniques and procedures in order to advise the business leaders on what hardware/software should be used. The Computer Instructor must meet every class session promptly and ready for that sessions instructions. The Computer Instructor must coordinate and implement instructions in an orderly and professional manner. The Computer Instructor is responsible to set up the area of instruction and then to clean-up after each session. When the Computer Instructor is working in a computer lab it is normally very easy to conduct the session. The computers are readily available with the programs already installed. It is just a matter of teaching the class about the programs and how to use them.

In many businesses that are smaller they normally send the staff to a community college to take lessons from a qualified Computer Instructor. In this manner it is cheaper and the staff can learn after hours instead of during the work time. This will not take away from the work nor slow down any of the process required for the staff to do while working. In some cases, however, the business may require the Computer Instructor/Consultant to come to the business and teach the staff. The business may want the staff to have hands on experience while they are doing the actual work required by the company. In this manner if a program is not working as well as the staff or business owners thought that it should then the Computer Instructor/Consultant can change the program or make an adjustment that will fit in with the business need. This is common practice in some business to hire the Computer Consultant to work out everything that they need while training the staff to operate the system. The everyday mechanics behind using the Computer is simple and most people already know how to type and open and close programs. It is the specific software package that the Computer Consultant had downloaded to the system that they are working to teach the staff. Most staff members will go to the community college to learn keyboarding if they think it necessary. In many cases if it is spreadsheets where mostly numbers are used then keyboarding is really not necessary.

The type of business’s who write advertising, brochures, and letters will require their staff to be very good on keyboarding. Typing is essential in today’s business for just about all the staff members. In most high schools and community colleges typing or keyboarding as it is often referred to is taught as a basic subject. Their large variety of software packages and according to the business that the company has will depend on the software package. That is the reason that most Computer Instructors/ Consultants prefer working at the business site. Many Computer Instructors prefer just doing the teaching and will only work in Community Colleges or Vocational Schools.


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