MS Exchange Administrator Job Description

An MS exchange administrator is responsible in developing responses to the customer’s request for services as well as to develop initial schedule. Problem determination and implementation of changes to the hardware, applications, and software and network systems is also done by the MS exchange administrator.

What is an MS Exchange Administrator?

MS exchange administrators are responsible for standardizing the tasks and steps across the multiple accounts within a pool or a pod while providing, coaching and also mentoring to the junior team members. They also create documentations and scripts that will be used in order to solve the problems in the future. They are also assigned in discussing issues and challenges, and also receive trouble-shooting input device from the other team members. This position is very expansive and additional duties are also added.

Duties of an MS Exchange Administrator

  • An MS exchange administrator must provide day to day prime and non prime on-call administration non-prime can support in a Microsoft exchange environment. He/she also responsible in supporting assigned systems and also in installing applications.
  • They are also tasked in managing the development, and also implementing new services and testing of assigned servers. An MS exchange administrator is also involved in maintaining the production schedules, software and hardware diagnostic. They are also assigned in maintenance of server software versions.
  • Resolving customer’s problems is also done by the MS exchange administrator. There are other duties that are required only of a typical exchange administration position.

Work Conditions of an MS Exchange Administrator

MS exchange administrators are usually working in offices where they spend most of their time in front of the computer. The applicant must also have the ability to sit for moderate periods of time working with their computer. The MS exchange administrator must also have the ability to wear telephone headset for a long period of time. The applicant may also have some travels. Demands physically are minimal. He/she also performs out-of-hours maintenance and on call support.

Educational Requirements of an MS Exchange Administrator

To become an MS exchange administrator, one must have a bachelor’s degree in IT/ Computer Science, or any other related field. The applicant must also have 4-6 years experience in MS server administrator role and an experience of exchange 2010. He/she must experience implementing and managing exchange 2010. An ability of an independent operation is also required. He/she must have a working experience in supporting, administering and maintaining Microsoft SQL Server 2000/2005 and a Critix services team administration is also a plus.

Occupation and Progress of an MS Exchange Administrator

Plenty of these MS exchange administrator advances by progressing into a position where there is a higher pay and will have a greater responsibility. Those who have enough experience will become consultants or they can work in an educational institution where they will become professors or instructor who teaches exchange administration. They also work in computer companies. This profession is expected to have a rapid increase in demand in the year 2018 by some surveys.

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