Night Manager Hotel Job Description

Working in a hospitality industry or in a hotel requires interaction with different people. Usually, people working at night shifts expect a more “task oriented” jobs than responsibilities driven in customer service. This is mostly due to lack of interaction to customers required during nighttime. With this, night managers are concerned more on staff issues than issues related to customer service.

What is a night manager hotel?

A night manager hotel entails multi-faceted duties. Night managers are generally responsible in various hotel aspects that happen overnight. They should be ready in responding to a wide variety of events and certain situations like late check-in, intoxicated visitors and guests as well as loud parties.

Duties of a night manager hotel

  • A hotel night manager is responsible in supervising other employees working on an overnight shift. Duties include clerks at the front desk, bellhops, crew maintenance and bar and waiter staff. They are responsible in making schedules for all hotel employees and guide them regularly. Hotel night managers should make certain that other employees are well trained regarding their different functions and duties. They are in charge in leading and planning meetings.
  • A night hotel manager also spends some time working at the front desk. They usually greet visitors and guests, check-in guests into their desired rooms, make some reservations and provide assistance to their guests as well as providing their needs.
  • They should also keep track on which of the following guests have already left and which of the hotel rooms are occupied, reserved or needs thorough cleaning.
  • Hotel nigh managers are responsible in waking-up calls and getting the things needed by their guests overnight like providing extra towels, robes, toothpaste, toothbrush and other bath accessories and toiletries. Night managers also enforce no smoking policies and quiet hours.

Condition of work

Night managers are employed in hotels, grocery departments and even at health care institutions. A good and focused attitude in customer service is essential to be successful in this career.

Educational Requirements

In order to become a hotel night manager, a college degree is mostly not essential. The basic requirement in earning this job is a GED or a high school diploma. Most employers also prefer a prior work experience of 1 year. A hospitality classes is also an added point in getting this job.

Occupation and Progress

Hotel night managers earn a good salary range. However, their salary depends on the size of the hotel and the location. Night hotel managers located in big cities and states usually receive greater salaries than those who are in a small city.

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