Outlet Manager Job Description

If you like to manage a company, hotel, or industry and loves to work with different people, then becoming an outlet manager is something to consider. Below is the information to read on about the job description of an outlet manager.

What is an outlet manager?

An outlet manager is a person who serves as the captain of hospitality company staff with goals like providing exceptional customer service. Outlet managers are highly motivated personnel, committed to their superior and have great management and organizational skills. They usually work together with the company’s senior or executive chef and work under the close supervision of a general manager.

Duties of an outlet manager

  • Outlet managers are responsible for company’s outlet performance like personnel management, beverage and foods and other services and operations. They monitor and make sure that there is a smooth running of customer service areas and satisfaction.
  • The outlet manager interacts with their clients in order to make sure that satisfaction and promotion of facilities and services are adequately met. An outlet manager communicates with other departments in order make sure that customers’ needs are satisfied and met. They make sure that good handling of cash is properly followed. They also deal with customer’s complaint and listen with some feedbacks so as to improve their services.
  • The manager is responsible in recruiting team professional as well as qualified staff who is dedicated to provide great services. They organize appointments and meetings for staff, change menu and other matters related to their line of work and implement trainings for employees if needed. Outlet managers focus on safety and health standards in order to make sure that their teams have good knowledge on safe working condition.
  • The outlet manager is in-charge of performance and sales of the company and ensures that the company’s profits and goals are met. They take monthly inventories with their supplies and maintain an optimum stock level so as to meet their customer’s demand. They avoid excess and detect waste for optimum profit without affecting the company’s performance.

Condition of work

Most outlet managers are employed in a wide array of workplaces like large companies, restaurants and hotels. Their work is highly demanding, very rewarding and fast-paced. A good skill in communication and critical thinking is essential as they frequently interact with different people.

Educational Requirements

In order to become an outlet manager, candidates are required to obtain a bachelor’s degree in business management, communication, finance and any other related course. A master’s degree in business management is a top notch in getting a quick job. Some employers also prefer candidates with prior work experience in management.

Occupation and Progress

According to US Bureau of Labor and Statistics, an outlet manager usually earns an annual wage of about $64,000 with great job prospects. Employment rate is projected to increase by 8% on year 2008 to 2018.

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