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Recreation and Fitness Workers Job Description

Recreation and Fitness Workers plan, organize and direct such activities as aerobics, arts and crafts, the performing arts, camping, and sports for people who are on vacation, local playgrounds, recreation areas, parks, community centers, health clubs, fitness centers, religious organizations, camp, theme parks, and tourist attractions.

Primary Objectives:

  • The Recreation and Fitness Workers must make sure that the activities they plan are directed toward the age group that it is intended.
  • The Recreation and Fitness Worker must make sure that they are responsible to help guide the participants in doing the activities.
  • The Recreation and Fitness Worker must get permission from the place they are working to do the planned activities with their group before they start any sort of activities.

Today many people spend much of their leisure time participating in a wide variety of organized recreational activities. Amusement Parks and campground sites try to provide a Recreation Worker to help with their clients in keeping them entertained. Many of the Recreation Workers will give the customers tours of the area and help provide fun and entertaining activities.

Today in some areas motels hire Recreation Workers to help take care of children for vacationing parents. In such places as Disney and Six Flags the surrounding motels provide a Recreational Worker to help provide activities for children while the parents enjoy an evening to themselves or out enjoying the theme parks. Many people prefer knowing that a Recreation Worker is available where they are going on vacation in order to make plans for the whole family. The type of activities planned by the Recreation Worker can determine if a vacationing family goes to the area for their vacation.

Today since many people are health conscious they like to go on vacations where a Fitness Worker may be employed in order to get proper exercise while they enjoy vacation. Often people who are traveling like to know that the motel they are staying provides a Fitness Worker as well. Fitness and Recreational Workers have a large selection of work places to maintain their jobs. Many businesses provide a Recreational and Fitness worker for their employee’s. Since many people work at a desk or computer terminal it is very hard for them to get any sort of recreational activities and that is why companies now offer a fitness room with a Recreational and Fitness Worker to help provide them with proper instructions and activities.

The old form of exercise has been replaced with such activities as dance, games, sports, crafts, or scheduled use of a fitness facilities. In fitness facility the Recreational and Fitness Worker can work with people on the different types of equipment provided helping them to use the equipment in a safe manner. Safety is very important when a person is working on equipment and it is vital if you are not familiar with any of the equipment that you are accompanied with a Recreational and Fitness Worker.

There are of course many places that are geared for people who like to work out and they provide for them the proper equipment along with on staff Recreational and Fitness instructors. Many of these places are referred to as gyms, clubs, Recreational Centers etc. and require you to pay a membership fee. There are still other places that provide the same service for free but are sponsored by non-profit organizations to help you. In both cases normally a Recreational and Fitness Worker is usually available to help you work out a plan that is good for you along with teaching you how to use the equipment.

It is not uncommon for many of these Recreational and Fitness Workers to also go to the company where you work and provide their services there on a part-time basis.

The Recreational and Fitness worker usually work in a variety of places for example:

  • The Recreational worker may work at a health club.
  • The Recreational worker may work on a cruise ship.
  • The Recreational worker may work in a woodland park or playground area.
  • The Recreational worker may work in a center in a large urban community.

While the Fitness worker helps workers assess their level of physical fitness and help them set and reach fitness goals. They demonstrate the various types of exercise equipment and work in health clubs or work as a personal trainer. Many Fitness directors oversee the operations of a health club while creating and maintaining programs that meet the needs of the club’s members.

Degrees and Training to Become a Recreation and Fitness Worker

  • No degree needed
  • Certifications are preferred but not required

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