Operation Assistant Job Description

by Publishing Team on April 28, 2011

Large industries usually require an operation manager. However, operation managers also need an assistant someone to help them perform various administrative duties. Below is the job description of an operation assistant.

What is an operation assistant?

An operation assistant is person who performs administrative duties and clerical duties for the operation manager. Operations assistants report directly to the corporation heads such as the company president or the CEO. They mostly perform secretarial duties like typing report, taking minutes during meetings, forwarding telephone calls and reminding their operation manager about the appointments of the day.

Duties of an operation assistant

  • Operation assistants are responsible in doing administrative duties and clerical functions in order to help with streamline on the day-to-day business operations of their company. They are required to report to their operations supervisor pr manager and work in various industries which range from banking to retail.
  • Operation assistants are required to do their job under the close supervision of their Chief Operations Officer or otherwise known as COO. They are required to assist their chief officer with administrative duties that are assigned to their executive.
  • An operation assistant is expected to perform research and compile information related to business assigned by their COO or chief operation officer.
  • They may also be assigned by their chief operation officer to do their work in relieving other personnel in the management team. They should also be well-organized and highly motivated so as to perform their job within the industry who hired them well. Operation assistants are also expected in contributing daily tasks that may enhance the company‚Äôs general efficiency.

Conditions of work

Operations assistants are employed in an array of companies and perform a wide variety of duties that are flexible on daily basis. Their work environment is good and they are mostly found in the office of a certain industry as they serve as vital links between their clients and supervisor.

Educational Requirements

In order to become an operation assistant, employers mostly require a GED or a high school diploma or earn an associate degree as an entry-level position. However, higher-career or employment in a certain specialized industry like in finance may need a bachelor’s degree.

Occupation and Progress

According to the United States Bureau of Labor and Statistics, jobs prospects for operation assistants are expected to increase by 11% through 2018. In addition, wages for operation assistants range about $29,000 to $45,000 per annum.

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