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by Publishing Team on October 14, 2010

Olive Garden Job Description

At Olive Garden, the company offers a myriad of job opportunities for people looking forward in pursuing a very rewarding career from a company that values hard work and excellence. From hourly to management and college opportunities, Olive Garden provides different job positions for diverse individuals.

Olive Garden Job Positions and Duties

  • Olive Garden Restaurant Manager Job Description

Restaurant Managers for Olive Garden take turns in accomplishing three distinct roles in running the operation for the company. Upon completing the company’s Manager In-Training Program, Restaurant Managers at Olive Garden take the role as leaders in providing excellent customer service, directing the culinary department of the restaurant, and achieving the sales objective of the company. At Olive Green, managers need to master all the key aspects of operating the business which is also part of their career development. Restaurant Managers also need to direct operational excellence, hire and train quality employees, and achieve the overall objectives of the restaurant in building sales and providing the highest quality of customer service in the industry.

Olive Garden Restaurant Manager Salary: $45,806

  • Olive Garden Server Job Description

The chief responsibility of Servers at Olive Garden is to take orders and serve them to customers while ensuring that all the primary requirements of every customer are accommodated. Servers must make sure that all the operating standards of the restaurant when it comes to food handling and preparation are observed all throughout their shift. Servers are also expected to provide suggestions to customers when ordering their food or beverages and they must implement the one hundred percent customer service satisfaction. Apart from customer service, Servers must also be able to relay all food orders to the kitchen in a very efficient manner to make sure that every food order is processed accordingly.

Olive Garden Server Hourly Salary: $7.30

  • Olive Garden Hostess Job Description

Hostesses at Olive Garden have the main duty of greeting arriving and departing customers in a very friendly manner. Hostesses at Olive Green also have to provide utmost assistance to every customer like assisting them to their seats, providing them the menu list, introducing them to their server, and during peak hours when the restaurant is full, a Hostess also has to manage the Restaurant’s Waiting List. Hostesses must also complete all delegated tasks assigned to them by the management and make sure that everything has been completed before the end of their shift.

Olive Garden Hostess Hourly Salary: $9.13

  • Olive Garden Bartender Job Description

Bartenders at Olive Garden need to mix and serve alcoholic and non – alcoholic beverages in line with the company’s specification in quality and quantity. Bartenders are also expected to provide fast, efficient, and pleasant service and exert all efforts to make every guest feel special. Bartenders also help guests in choosing their menu by suggesting menu items to guarantee a hundred percent customer satisfaction for an authentic Italian dining experience. Other duties include preparing beverages, interacting with customers, serving drinks, and completing all the delegated tasks by the management.

Olive Garden Bartender Hourly Salary: $9.29

  • Olive Garden Other Job Positions

Olive Garden provides diverse job positions especially for those looking for hourly opportunities. Available job positions for hourly opportunities include Line Cook, Preparation and Production Backup, Alley Coordinator, Server Assistant or Busser, Utility/Dish Machine Operator. For college students looking for College Opportunities, Olive Garden has special job positions for them including Management and Internship.

Olive Garden Job Application Form Online

To explore Olive Garden’s available employment, you can visit their official career page at http://www.olivegarden.com/employment/. From here, you can navigate to different pages to whatever form of employment you can qualify for.
For Hourly Opportunities: http://www.olivegarden.com/employment/hourly/
For Management Opportunities: http://www.olivegarden.com/employment/management/
For College Opportunities: http://www.olivegarden.com/employment/college/

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anonymous January 25, 2011 at 9:09 pm

Pay here differs, starting pay for host is minimum wage, To Go’s about $8.00 per hour Servers make only $2.15 and the bar can make minimum wage and up. But like i said earlier, Pay is different per store per person per state. Personally I’m thrilled with the management team i work with, they would give the shirt off their backs to help anyone in need.


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