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Environmental Specialist Job Description

If you want a career wherein you want to enhance your self professionally and at the same time be helpful in enhancing the well being of the environment, being an Environmental Specialist may be the best career for you. Having the will to make a difference as well as having the love for outdoors and humanity can help you in becoming successful in this career. If this interests you, the information below will tackle more about this fulfilling career.

What is an Environmental Specialist?

An environmental specialist is a professional that deals with improving and enhancing the living conditions of the environment. He or she is concerned about improving the condition of air, water and alleviating pollution as well as other factors that affect the state of the environment. This in turn will benefit not only the environment but also the health of the people.

Duties of an Environmental Specialist

  • Conduct researches and examine sources of pollution.
  • Create and propose ways to eradicate pollution and hazards.
  • Incorporate the different disciplines of environmental studies such as ecology and natural sciences to researches.
  • Observe and collect samples of food, soil, water and air and conduct studies and reports about environmental conditions.
  • Conduct field inspections and report hazardous locations and materials.
  • Coordinate with regulatory agencies about matters of pollution and hazards.
  • Maintain records related to environmental complaints and data of permits, inspections and researches done.

Work Condition of an Environmental Specialist

  • Usually, Environmental Specialist are found working outdoors. They usually conduct inspections and researches in the field and at times in far flung environments. Outdoor conditions may sometimes be unpleasant and daily task may affect such conditions that is why a person who wants to work in this field should know how to compromise.
  • Environmental Specialists also work in power plants and chemical plants. They usually maintain and inspect the safety of the plants’ operations. Working in this kind of environment can be dangerous for this person because one can be exposed to radiation, chemicals and hazards. To be able to avoid such misfortune, this person must be able to follow safety and security protocols all of the time.
  • The working conditions of an Environmental Specialist can be rough but in return the fruits of their labor can be rewarding such as being able to achieve the goal to improve environmental conditions for the people.

Educational Requirements of an Environmental Specialist

  • Education is indeed a requirement to become this type of specialist since one will be dealing with a lot of regulations and policies. Knowledge in these specifics is a must. A two year degree is available for one to be able to start working as an Environmental Specialist but most industry and agencies require a four year bachelor’s degree to be able to work in their institutions.
  • A bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science is the needed requirement to be able to work as an Environmental Specialist. A Master’s degree is an edge for employment since most employers prefer applicants with advance studies.
  • A Ph. D. is necessary when one is interested for teaching and research jobs at universities or colleges.

Occupation and Progress of an Environmental Specialist

  • There are many career opportunities for an Environment Specialist especially when one has several years of experience in the industry. Aside from experience, the key point in being promoted to a higher rank is the possession of advanced study in the field.
  • Employment for Environmental Specialist is expected to increase since urbanization is increasing today. In effect of modernization there is a fast turnover of environmental related problems thus making the job of an Environmental Specialist in demand.
  • Job opportunities will also be good especially when one is interested in working for the government.

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