Night Support Worker Job Description

A night support worker or sometimes called live-in workers are health attendants that are responsible for meeting the needs of a disabled person in night time. They are called night support worker because they work on night times. One of their responsibilities is that they must always see to it that the patients they are taking care of are being fed, safe at all times and neat. Night support workers are very significant in the health care team but they are often less recognized than other medical services.

What is a Night Support Worker?

Night support worker’s responsibility varies widely because the scope of their job differs from where they are working or the situation where they are in. however, support workers usually work at the patient’s home and they assist in any task that is needed. They are likewise responsible for the proper nutrition of the disabled by being the ones who plan and prepare the food.

Duties of a Night Support Worker

  • A night support worker will provide personal and practical care and support services for people with a wide range of illnesses and disabilities.
  • They also help in servicing the patient with getting up in the morning, dressing, undressing, washing and also the toilet.
  • They are also tasked to help care for patients who are dying.
  • They also help in answering the emergency bells, the door and the telephone and also to greet visitors who are coming to visit the patient.
  • Making and changing beds, tidy rooms, do light cleaning and empty commodes. Keep own room clean and tidy and change sheet on hand-over days ready for next care worker.
  • They also help in laundering the patient’s clothing.

Work Conditions of a Night Support Worker

A night support worker is usually working in their patient’s house. Food and other things that may help them in their work will be provided. They are responsible in the progress of the patient. Most of them are paid by hours. They will act as nocturnal people because they are not allowed to sleep when working hours is going on. Night support worker usually work 37 hours a week although part time roles are widely available.

Educational Requirements of a Night Support Worker

There are no specific qualifications needed for being a night support worker; it is more important to be interested in helping others and to have an empathetic approach to people, regardless of their problems. Similar qualifications in health and social care or related subject will always be a big advantage for getting work as a night support worker and employees are usually required to have a big advantage for getting work as a night support worker and employees are usually required to have GCSE in English and Mathematics.

Occupation and Progress of a Night Support Worker

Most of the night support worker is working in residential homes. Some of them are working voluntarily in hospitals and other medical centers. The main aim of a night support worker is to help their clients learn to live as independently as possible, by indentifying and supporting them in their particular areas of need especially to those who have mental and physical disabilities.

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