Cisco Network Engineer Job Description

by Publishing Team on March 15, 2011

Are you innovative, computer-savvy, and eager to complete a qualifications program? If that is the case, you may like a job as a network engineer and having a Cisco certification can aid strengthen your credentials and direct to even bigger success. Now is the period of computer engineering. Computers rule in huge companies worldwide.
If you want to know more about this career, let us discuss some of the vital things that you should be aware of.

What is a Cisco Network Engineer?

A Cisco Network Engineer is the one who plays a wide-ranging role in executing a company’s intranet systems and its networks. A Cisco Network Engineer can be in charge for scheming and outlining a company’s network, certifying its optimal performance, and giving support for the company’s telecommunications structure.

Duties of a Cisco Network Engineer

  • A Cisco Network Engineer gives network design services that meets and surpass the requirements of major financial firms, making sure of the observance to the policies and procedures of the department, harmonize and identify network requirements to be included in coordinating with other teams and build up and execute network recovery plans to retain steadfast network operating system.
  • Cisco Network Engineers develop thorough implementation plan to have room for network growth, enhancements and security by taking full advantage of the functionality of network equipments. They observe network implementation and providing support in a favourable and precise manner.
  • They also evaluate data traffic patterns in network infrastructures; identify operational problems and suggesting improvements to make sure of optimal performance. Cisco Network Engineers check symptoms and irregularities in an appropriate manner which includes examining for organizations network environment.
  • Cisco Network Engineers gives the management status reports on assigned projects featuring timeline and project status; this includes making project completion report and documenting if the objectives are met.

Work Condition of a Cisco Network Engineer

  • A Cisco Network Engineers work for companies, non-profits, government and any other unit that requires building or preserving a huge computer network. They usually work up to forty hours a week. Sometimes they would have to work outside the office hours when they install system; this is to minimize interference to a client’s service.

Educational Requirements of a Cisco Network Engineer

  • This job requires one to have a four year Bachelor’s Degree in computer science or computer engineering. But some employer would only require an associate’s degree. After that, they can complete their Cisco certification that is offered at four levels: Entry, Associate, Professional, and Expert. Specialist certifications are also given in different security and wireless technologies.

Occupation and Progress of a Cisco Network Engineer

  • There are a budding number of companies that depend on networking technology to help their businesses run economically; as a result, Cisco Network engineers can find chances in a range of industries. They can set up a small company’s intranet, educate workers to use Cisco technology, offer technical support or uphold the network at a huge corporation.

There are more and more businesses apply networking technology and they will need network engineers who can fabricate and preserve their networks. Computer engineering is one of the fastest-growing industries; in those corporations where Cisco products are utilized, Cisco-certified employees will have a greater edge.

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