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Node Manager Job Description

Every company today uses information communication technology as their main source of communication within the company and their outside clients. Thus everyday they need to maintain their network connection and servers to make sure that communication and file sharing are done smoothly and faster. And when it comes to this stuff, the node manager is something you can rely on. What does a node manager actually do?

What is Node Manager?

Node Manager helps the network administrator in overseeing and managing the conditions of the computer network and other equipments attached to it. This allows the network managers on the other hand to easily view the whole network and locate for any problems that might occur. The Node manager can analyze the problems that can happen in the network and often provides an immediate action to the network administrator to resolve it immediately.

Duties of a Node Manager

Duties of a node manager include the following:

  1. Node manager serve as the line of the business to provide products to the company’s clients.
  2. They developed a detailed action plan regarding network failures and technical requirements of the network.
  3. They create the product prices and plan out strategies to increase the company’s product line.
  4. Make sure that business operations and network communications are running smoothly.
  5. Make partnership with technology service providers such as Cisco and make sure that the company can get access to the latest technology in the market.
  6. Conduct market analysis and industry trends.

Work Condition of a Node Manager

The serer room is the place where node managers work all the time. The room is usually housed with servers, switches and cabinets that lack windows and often air conditioned. For some smaller companies and schools, they choose stockroom as a serer area thus that is where node managers will work too. They too are prone to risk such as burn, electrocution, and other accidents and injuries.

Educational Requirements of a Node Manager

Some companies has a high regard in choosing node managers and they require them to have a bachelor degree in engineering, information technology, computer science and other related courses. Masteral degree is somehow preferred too. They need to have a professional experience in software, commercial software product management, network management and others. It is also to their advantage if they know about Cisco, Gomez, Keynote Systems, VMware and a lot more. And lastly has a vast knowledge on networking tools and other network technologies.

Occupation and Progress of a Node Manager

Being a node manager can advance to a more starring career if they have a good educational and experience background on networks. They can become a network engineer or network architect, network specialist, technical support and a lot more. They are also well compensated and the usual rate of a node manager is around $14 to $56 per hour depending on experience and skills.

If you are into the filed of engineering and information communications technology, getting a good job is never a question because there are a lot of in store for you. A lot of companies whatever products or services they offer, they need and use network technologies as a way to communicate with their clients thus they will need people who will maintain their servers and network. That’s what a node manager can do and this is a career that will give you a high pay too.

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