Mechanical Engineering Technician Job Description

The Mechanical Engineering Technician assists mechanical engineers and sometimes scientists in all phases of the design, development, production, testing operation, and maintenance of mechanical equipment.

Primary Objectives:

  • The Mechanical Engineering Technician knows that he is the assistant to the Mechanical Engineer when it comes to working with mechanical equipment.

  • The Mechanical Engineering Technician is the person who works with all phases of the design, development to the production of a project.

  • The Mechanical Engineering Technician is present in the testing part of the operation of a production project.

The Mechanical Engineering Technician field is very broad and covers a wide range of products from automobile engines, air conditioners, and power saws, to nuclear reactors, elevators, and printing presses. The Mechanical Engineering Technician also works on the machines and tools to make such products. The Mechanical Engineering technician may work with tiny parts for delicate instruments or deal with huge gears for machines such as bulldozers. The Mechanical Engineering Technicians have a wide variety of titles that depicts the type of position that they are holding. In some cases they retain the title “Mechanical Technicians” while if they are specialized then the title changes. Some of the titles for example are Automotive Technicians or Diesel Technicians depending on the field that they are specializing. They may be referred to as Tool Designers, Mechanical Drafters or Production Technicians depending again on the job they do within their field. Mechanical Engineering Technicians work in plants and factories in all sections of the country. Most work for private companies that make tools and machinery. Some Mechanical Engineering Technicians work for government agencies or consulting firms.

Many Mechanical Engineering Technicians work in design and development. They usually work closely with the Mechanical Engineers who create or improve products ranging from Mechanical Pencils to complex spaceships. These types of Mechanical Engineers spend much time at the drawing board. The Mechanical Engineering Technicians prepares drawings, or layouts, of the product being developed. Just as an example the Medical Engineering Technician who designs the engine for an automobile must draw details of every screw, nut, bold and gear to be used in the engine. When they have completed the drawings then they must estimate how much it will cost to make the engine and how well it will work. The Mechanical Engineering Technician takes into account the friction, stress, strain, and vibration that the various parts of the engine will have to endure. Mechanical Engineering Technicians use complex instruments, testing equipment, and gauges in their work in order to determine the much needed factors about a new product. When they have completed making tests of the models, then they write up reports, and suggest better ways to make the engine.

That is just one type of work that a Mechanical Engineering Technician may perform. There are those who work in production. This type of Mechanical Engineering Technician helps to make layouts of each step to be taken and each part to be made in the production of, for example, the automobile engine. The Mechanical Engineering Technician Specialist works in tool design. He will then make drawings of the tools, jigs, dies, and other devices needed to mass-produce each part for the engine. The Mechanical Engineering Technician often improves the existing tools. There are other Mechanical Engineering Technicians who make estimates of the cost of labor and the best use of the plant space. These Mechanical Engineering Technicians help with any production problems that may arise. Sometimes they test machinery or the parts being made for the engine. Often they will do studies of the manufacturing process to find out whether it could be done in a better or cheaper way.

Mechanical Engineering Technicians are also involved in the installation, operation, and maintenance of machinery used to manufacture other products. Some technicians work in technical sales. Other Mechanical Engineering Technicians are employed as technical writers instead of designers. In order to become a Mechanical Engineering Technician you can receive your education at a vocational school high school, community college or technical institute. Most employers prefer to hire graduates of tow-year programs in mechanical engineering technology. In some jobs in this field, such as tool design, there are formal apprenticeship programs that combine classroom instruction with on-the-job training. These apprenticeship programs generally take from two to four years to complete. In this field of expertise nearly all Mechanical Engineering Technicians need some on-the-job training to prepare them to meet the specific needs of their employers.

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