Over Road Truck Driver Job Description

by Publishing Team on May 2, 2011

The grocery and retail industries get their products from one location to another. Many of these products are carried by over-the-road truckers. Below is the information to read on about the job description of an over road truck driver.

What is an over road truck driver?

Over road truck drivers are given huge responsibilities in transporting different materials from one location to another such as store merchandise, cars and machinery.

Duties of an over road truck driver

  • Before truck drivers take their vehicle on the road, the first vital task is doing a thorough vehicle inspection. Truck drivers should inspect the fluid level, tire pressure, brakes, lights, turn signals, windshield wiper and ensure that proper safety equipments are on board. The driver should make certain that the back portion is loaded properly and secured before running the truck. The side mirrors of the truck should be adjusted properly so as to ensure proper visibility.
  • Drivers, as implemented by US Department of Transportation (DOT), should maintain some running log which records their day-to-day tasks, any accidents encountered
    as well as the condition of the vehicles.
  • The truck driver should be familiar in using technology, can drive for long periods in long distances along with the ability to help with loading and unloading materials that he transports.

Condition of Work

Becoming an over road truck driver requires great stamina and is a physically demanding work despite of new technologies developed such as power steering. Truck driver’s job is very tiring as it involves jobs like loading and unloading products or cargo and making lots of deliveries. Additionally, drivers are frequently away from home and work in long hours or weeks in far locations. Over road truck drivers mostly return to their home in the evening or sometimes for weeks.

Educational Requirements

Most prospective over road truck drivers opt for driving training courses at any vocational or technical schools in order to prepare for CDL testing. Driving training course teach students on maneuvering large vehicles especially on crowded areas and at highway traffic. This course also trains truck drivers with proper inspection of freight and trucks for regulation compliance.

Occupation and Progress

This career suits for persons who do not mind being far from their homes for long periods and have interest in travelling. There are also companies that allow couples to drive together. The salary range depends on the type of products or good carried and the company.

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